Fran Gallo

*** The January 2011 Yoga Schedule will be posted here closer to the event ***

Yoga:  All levels are welcome! Several variations of each posture will be demonstrated and practiced.

The pace will bslow, calm, with long warm-ups and 10-15 minute savasana. 
Participants will practice in a non-competitive, explorative environment.

We will Practice:

Breathing techniques to release stress 

Strengthening postures to improve core stability  


Balance Postures and relaxation through meditation. 

Postures will be introduced to strengthen the immune system and improve back, neck and shoulder flexibility. 

Some will work on building skills towards more advanced asanas including inverted postures but mastery of such poses is not required. 

Yoga Philosophy will be included in the longer sessions. 


About Yoga Instructor - Fran Gallo 

Fran Gallo started practicing yoga as a means of releasing tension after long hours of working as an English Instructor
at Green River Community College (Washington). Love of yoga made Fran decide to devote herself to learning this art in order to share its healing effects with others. 

In 1996, Fran studied intensively with and was certified under Yogi Vkashananda in Nepal. She has been teaching ever since. 

According to Fran, "the magic of yoga is in the discovery of being able to go beyond what we perceive as our limits and in the profound sense of peace and balance one feels after just one session of practice."

Fran Gallo


Fran’s teaching accommodates multi-level groups, includes concise verbal cues and gentle adjustments and goes well beyond the physical aspect of Hatha Yoga. 

She attends yoga conferences and workshops regularly in order to continue her own yoga training. 

Some of Fran’s teachers include Angela Farmer, Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi and Tias Little.

Fran has recently taught/directed teacher training certification programs for the 200 hour level. 
She is also a Reiki practitioner, and currently taking a Thai Massage certification course. 

  Mission Bay, San Diego